About us

About us

To be successful, we must all work together.

The confidence of global Customers has been on the rise due to superior quality, timely delivery and improving logistics support. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous elements within the industry exploits the situation by delivering substandard products that do not match the requisite specifications or samples initially provided to Customers. Customers never get a chance to see the final product before it has been received by them.

We, FISHERMEN INTERNATIONAL are Seafood Agents, Traders and a Quality Control and Inspection Company that are dealing in the seafood industry for almost 15 years. We help our clients to procure the best quality seafood in the best possible rates; not only from Karachi but from across Pakistan including Gawadar, Pasni, Daam, Ormara, Givni etc.

We strive to ensure that Clients are provided with products as Suppliers have led them to expect and materials used in the final products are of acceptable standards.

To keep our clients goods safe and secure in the containers, it is of utmost significance that containers are inspected for their capability to carry cargo in the safest manner. Similarly, product quality and packaging must be thoroughly checked and verified so that disappointments are avoided when they reach you thousands of miles away.

Our team consisting of specialized Container Inspectors duly ensures that safety of the cargo and product quality specifications are never compromised.

Our company in responsible for the exporting countries like China, HK, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam, UAE, USA, Iraq, Korea and many other countries.

We commitment towards our Clients are as following:

– Sourcing the best seafood around the world
– Ensuring quality meets fair prices
– Providing peace of mind with our logistical expertise
– Championing responsible trade practices and charitable causes to enrich our community

Core Values


When we talk about quality, we mean the quality of our relationships with each other!


We continually review ourselves as a single product supply team to create ways.


Excellence is consistently doing our best and always striving to do better!

Our Philosophy

To be successful, we must all work together!

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